Becky! Internet Mail 2.65.04 (2013) Английский
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Becky! Internet Mail 2.65.04 (2013) Английский

Версия программы: 2.65.04
Официальный сайт:
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: кейген

Системные требования:
Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8

Почтовая программа с умением создавать HTML-письма, с возможностью приема почты по POP3 и IMAP4 протоколам, с шаблонами и макросами для автоматизации работы с почтой, с возможностью создания нескольких профилей для одного почтового ящика, со способностью напоминать о событиях и автоматически отправлять в назначенный срок поздравления юбилярам, включает встроенное PGP-шифрование, создание аудиописем, менеджер листов подписок и мощные возможности по сортировке писем.

Дополнительная информация:
Becky! Internet Mail is the software specifically designed for the Internet e-mail. Since its birth in 1996, kept improving its functionalities listening to the users' feedback. And it has become one of the most successful shareware e-mail products. Now, totally renewed the program as Becky! Ver.2. Our main aim for ver.2 is developing more stable, fast, and feature rich program without losing its most important virtue - Ease of use.

After three years of the development, finally accomplished a total revision of "Becky! Internet Mail". The main aim of this revision is providing more fast, stable and feature rich mail program with ease of use. Although it is still called "Becky! Internet Mail", it is completely a new program. If you are an user of Becky! Ver.1, you may find many things are different from Ver.1. Some might prefer the way Becky! Ver.1 does. But, are sure you will be happy if you use Ver.2 and find a lot more useful features than in Ver.1. Becky! Ver.1 and Ver.2 can coexist on the same computer, which means each program has separate data directory. So, if you already have a lot of e-mail data and want to migrate those data from Ver.1 to Ver.2, be careful that you are not running out of disk space.

» You can create not only multiple mailboxes but also create multiple profiles for each mailbox
» It supports POP3, IMAP4, SMTP (with or without SSL).
» For its features, the program size is unbelievably compact
» You can view and write HTML mail within Becky! using Microsoft IE's inline component
» The useful "Template" feature allows you to create templates for everyday's fixed work, that will incredibly save your time
» The friendly "Reminder" feature allows you to deliver messages from you to you on the scheduled date
» The powerful filtering manager allows you to create very flexible filtering rule that can contain almost infinite And/Or conditions and various filtering actions
» The "Mailing lists Manager" can manage many mailing list that you have subscribed in one window
» Its "Plug-in Interface" allows the third parties to create powerful add-on programs
» You can bring out your Becky! in your USB memory using "Sync With Portable Media" functionality
» Its "Query" feature searches strings in any folders, and this Query result can be saved as a folder
» Its unique "Agents" feature can manage non-urgent work like "Need Reply in Xdays", "Wait for Reply", etc

Возможности программы:
» Создание нескольких почтовых ящиков и профилей для каждого ящика
» Поддержка POP3, IMAP4, SMTP (с поддержкой SSL)
» Невероятно компактный размер программы
» Возможность просмотра и чтения HTML почты без использования Becky
» Создание и использование шаблонов для написания писем
» Мощный менеджер фильтров
» Менеджер списка почтовых ящиков
» Использование плагинов для расширения возможностей
» Поиск в сообщениях по ключевым словам с возможностью сохранения

Ver.2.65.03 -> 2.65.04 (2013/8/23)
- BUGFIX: There were some glitches with RFC2231 encoding and decoding.
- BUGFIX: Some vCards with UTF-8 character set were not imported to
the address book properly.
- "Forward as attachment" with empty message used to make a single
message/rfc822 message, but it will be multipart/mixed with empty text
to avoid confusion.

Процедура лечения:
Установить программу, зайти в меню Help - User Registration - и ввести следующие данные: Имя: например DJFenix ;Registration code - 2700-3437-A888 (или воспользоваться кейгеном) ;E-mail при регистрации не вводить!!!

Becky! Internet Mail 2.65.04 (2013) Английский Becky! Internet Mail 2.65.04 (2013) Английский Becky! Internet Mail 2.65.04 (2013) Английский Becky! Internet Mail 2.65.04 (2013) Английский

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