Opera Developer 20.0.1353.0 [Multi/Ru]
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Opera Developer 20.0.1353.0 [Multi/Ru]

Версия программы: 20.0.1353.0
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Украинский, Английский и другие
Лечение: не требуется

Системные требования:

Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP 32|64-bit

Opera Developer - браузер Opera, обновляемый каждые две недели, включает все новейшие усовершенствования Opera. Идите в ногу с прогрессом и оцените все новейшие возможности. Программа позволяет на лету отключать и включать графику, а также может похвастаться фирменной технологией масштабирования веб-страниц, благодаря которой пользователи браузера практически никогда не видят горизонтальной прокрутки. Браузер Opera разработан, чтобы максимально удовлетворить ваши потребности – будь то эффективная работа, интересные развлечения или самовыражение.

Update to chromium 1726.0
CHR-1100 Add UPNP web-ui for desktop when remote debugging a device
CHR-1115 Integrate DirectFB compositor code into master
CHR-1725 NPAPI plugins leave artifacts when clip rectangle is empty on moving plugin window
CHR-1727 Replace lookup table in libjepg_turbo with intrinsic functions to reduce footprint
CHR-1729 [Aura] Use system specific RenderTheme instead of default one.
CHR-1730 Crash in various accessibility methods on dragging bookmark bar elements
DNA-8914 Back and forward drop-down OnMouseRelease broken when hovering the favicons of the entries
DNA-11222 Every button in OMenu requires 2nd click to be exectued when Opera is in RTL Mode
DNA-12539 Collapsed Discover dropdowns
DNA-12750 Not all of the items become grayed out in deleting browsing data
DNA-13486 the ask about usage statistics text doesn’t have ellipsis effect
DNA-13612 Missing outline for focused native controls
DNA-13765 Folder escapes to position misaligned with the currently open folder when dragging onto drop menu
DNA-13888 [Win] Buttons in dialog after clicking Cancel in Net Installer are show in OS language
DNA-13897 A/B testing framework
DNA-14000 Renderer crashes with >extensions::UserScriptSlave::InjectScripts
DNA-14073 Ctrl+Q as “show previous tab” on Windows should be removed
DNA-14077 Speed Dial extension scaled to 70% look bad
DNA-14136 Add support for feature flags to the installer. (second and last part)
DNA-14204 Number of speed dial columns depends on window height when scrollbar appears
DNA-14215 Opera hangs if it cannot migrate passwords from Presto
DNA-14257 [Win] Network installer O20 – External/internal URL for test purpose.
DNA-14258 Crashloop after changing the settings to open one page on startup
DNA-14299 Add test for handling Turbo server HTTP 503 response
DNA-14390 Opera crashes after removing folder or one more item from bookmarks bar
DNA-14399 Add test for checking multiple requests to Turbo server
DNA-14400 Folder name can not be edited when the folder is open
DNA-14401 chrome_imports/extensions/common/permissions/api_permission.h kDownloadsInternal is disabled
DNA-14402 Crash in >ObserverListBase::RemoveObserver
DNA-14408 Speed Dial extensions don’t draw on first load
DNA-14411 Introduce FavoriteTree and iterator-based FavoriteCollection interface
DNA-14414 [Mac] Crash if a download is removed before the popup is shown
DNA-14415 Text in badge is not displayed properly
DNA-14426 [Win] Long title on tab is not faded but with ellipsis
DNA-14427 Keep clang version matching the current build branch
DNA-14429 [ru] “Sozdat’” is abbreviated to “Sozd.” without need
DNA-14438 Failures in ProcessExtensions from chromedriver_unittests
DNA-14466 [Mac] crash with DownloadItemObserverBridge::OnDownloadRemoved
DNA-14470 Crash in various accessibility methods on dragging bookmark bar elements
DNA-14471 DCHECK triggered by downloads popup being closed
DNA-14475 Crash when playing with Quick Access bar.
DNA-14476 Missing tab favicons during update
DNA-14477 Crash in QAB after rearranging items in folder and starting drag on the divider
DNA-14478 Bookmarks removed from bookmark bar when favicon updated while dragging.
DNA-14498 tab drag&drop to attach it to a different window doesn’t reclaim window focus
DNA-14520 Popup teskeng.exe shows when uninstalling Opera
DNA-14541 [Win] Not possible to ‘allow’ microphone access after selection from devices dropdown – button disabled
DNA-14543 [Mac] “More bookmark” menu on bookmark bar opens even when the “More bookmark” button is hidden
DNA-14551 Speed Dial scrollbar doesn’t change its height when searching
DNA-14559 Exception when quickly opening and closing windows
DNA-14569 Implement the “speeddial.size_mode” manifest key
DNA-14597 Speed Dial extensions don’t always zoom down when the “small thumbnails” setting is on
DNA-14601 [win] Inconsistent corners on bookmark bar links – reg from DNA-13777
DNA-14658 Use proper version number in UA string presented by netinstaller

Opera Developer 20.0.1353.0 [Multi/Ru] Opera Developer 20.0.1353.0 [Multi/Ru] Opera Developer 20.0.1353.0 [Multi/Ru] Opera Developer 20.0.1353.0 [Multi/Ru]

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    Да у новых опер даже синхронизация не работает, лучшая опера до 12 версии . Давайте помянем когда то достойный браузер минутой молчания....
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    Уханькали оперу! recourse
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    Не нравится мне это, старое было лучше!
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