Opera Developer 20.0.1376.0 [Multi/Ru]
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Opera Developer 20.0.1376.0 [Multi/Ru]

Версия программы: 20.0.1376.0
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Украинский, Английский и другие

Лечение: не требуется

Системные требования:

Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP 32|64-bit

Opera Developer - браузер Opera, обновляемый каждые две недели, включает все новейшие усовершенствования Opera. Идите в ногу с прогрессом и оцените все новейшие возможности. Программа позволяет на лету отключать и включать графику, а также может похвастаться фирменной технологией масштабирования веб-страниц, благодаря которой пользователи браузера практически никогда не видят горизонтальной прокрутки. Браузер Opera разработан, чтобы максимально удовлетворить ваши потребности – будь то эффективная работа, интересные развлечения или самовыражение.

DNA-10060 Opera package is always redownload after triggering update on Mac
DNA-10706 After reloading page while editing Address Field input is not handled properly
DNA-10979 Clean up extension_manifest_keys
DNA-12496 opera_autoupdate process changed to unnamed process on Maverick OS X 10.9
DNA-12728 Add/Edit Bookmark Dialog should be AppModal
DNA-13149 search engine tool sometimes miss favicons
DNA-13995 Enable chrome.tabCapture for O20 next and stable channels
DNA-14123 [Win] Speed Dial preview is transparent
DNA-14202 Crash in opera::TabDragController::GetTargetQuickAccessBar
DNA-14219 Some crash logs have empty lists of modules
DNA-14436 Bookmarksbar folder could open when page badge is dragged onto it from above / below
DNA-14450 Downloads dropdown should show time left to complete
DNA-14480 [Win] Popup windows look odd.
DNA-14490 Crash on adding first expander element by dragging to last position
DNA-14519 Weird crash on startup in >extensions::P8AlarmManager
DNA-14547 Uninstaller should use the language set when installing
DNA-14598 Bookmark bar acts strange after dragging bookmarks between windows.
DNA-14599 Crash with Turbo2 in TurboCacheSynchronizer dtor
DNA-14600 Bookmark bar has magic expander menu.
DNA-14609 Zoom level of Speed Dial extension influences its other pages (e.g. options) and vice versa
DNA-14643 Tab cannot be dragged into BookmarkBar expander
DNA-14656 [Mac] Adding bookmark to bookmarks bar expander don’t preserve order
DNA-14661 Can’t drag bookmark from a folder in bookmark bar’s expander menu.
DNA-14671 Make a opera:flags flag for enabling Turbo v2 – WP1
DNA-14672 Bookmark bar bookmarks disappear when dragging address text onto them.
DNA-14675 CHR-1696 reintroduces DNA-7518
DNA-14676 Disable extension Google Cloud Messaging API
DNA-14678 Change our whitelisted extension IDs to the hash values
DNA-14691 Add ‘Follow’ campaign SD entry to speed dial folders
DNA-14710 [Win] Download pop up doesn’t have border
DNA-14711 Extension Speed Dial thumbnails in adapt mode are generated with wrong size when normal mode is set
DNA-14773 Refactor FavoriteNode
DNA-14799 [Win] Remove from Speed Dial at address field needs double click
DNA-14809 Dropping text from Notepad++ onto tab bar causes a weird no-text tab to appear
DNA-14810 Dropping text from Notepad++ onto QAB causes crashes Opera
DNA-14813 Tabs hibernation: extended lazy loading
DNA-14822 Dragging a speed dial tab over QAB changes the cursor to drag plus
DNA-14026 Session importing doesn’t work on IE11
DNA-14833 [win] Dotted border appears around address field
DNA-14846 [Win] Encoding Menu – Add the menu WP1
DNA-14853 Tampermonkey extension blocks browsing
DNA-14867 [Win] Dragging text from notepad++ and dropping onto address bar leaves the dropdown open
DNA-14875 [win] dragged tab stays on page if update dialog shows up
DNA-14877 [Win]‘For quick access, add your bookmarks’ is not redrawn when dragging a badge over QAB
DNA-14887 [Win] Arrow cursor not changed to plus in QAB folders
DNA-14892 Remove the Rocker gesture flag
DNA-14893 Can’t drop bookmark bar folders after dragging them.
DNA-14920 Phantom item when opened a folder by drag and left the bookmarksbr
DNA-14923 Dismissing the bookmark add dialog by Esc does not remove the bookmark
DNA-14966 [Win] Needs double hit of F11 to enter Fullscreen
DNA-14970 [Win] Encoding Menu – Add the menu WP2
DNA-14990 Bookmarksbar expander closes when items are rearranged in it
DNA-15009 Regression: ‘Folder name is too narrow when Folder has a long name but it is empty’ (DNA-11991)
DNA-15040 Inconsistencies between badge and tab drag on bookmarksbar
DNA-15050 [Win] Opera crashes when trying to drag the tab
DNA-15051 [Win] Focus stays in Address Field after opening a bookmark
DNA-15075 Quickly fiddling with bookmark makes the dragged bookmark placeholder visible
DNA-15078 Very insidious crash when making circles with dragged badge / bookmark on many folders
DNA-15085 Extension event pages are inactive on first load
DNA-15086 Opera crashes in >opera::MenuItemView::GetMenuItemByID
DNA-15094 [Win] Support for various DPI settings WP3
DNA-15121 “Add search engine” popup doesn’t close after changing address or closing the tab
DNA-15127 Addressfields on all tabs gets focused after addressfield is focused on at least one tab
DNA-15149 Remove use of address book API as source for auto-complete data on Mac (uunwatend dialog)
DNA-15156 Update speed dial content in Norway and Sweden
DNA-15158 [Web UI] Add Menu items for Speed Dial, Discover, Stash
DNA-15185 Move chrome.system.storage to stable channel
DNA-15187 Loading a favicon for a bookmarked site crashes opera if the bookmark exists both in normal bookmarksbar and expander
DNA-15192 With one or few tabs, impossible to drag and drop an item on the right side of + (tab bar)
DNA-15196 Give more detailed error message for mismatched ID during inline extension installation
DNA-15198 [Mac] Replace “O” with magnifying glass – basic implementation WP1
DNA-14715 [Win] Replace “O” with magnifying glass – WP1
DNA-15204 Bookmarks move too far when dragging a link across the bookmark bar.
DNA-15207 crash after closing last window
DNA-15199 [Windows] Repacking script broken after buildbot changes
DNA-15210 [Mac] Repacking script broken after buildbot changes
DNA-15228 [Mac] Encoding Menu – WP1
DNA-15231 Adding UUID to the uninstall survey URL
DNA-15246 Option + Delete on selected text in address field don’t delete the text
DNA-15254 opera_updateinstaller linking error

Opera Developer 20.0.1376.0 [Multi/Ru] Opera Developer 20.0.1376.0 [Multi/Ru] Opera Developer 20.0.1376.0 [Multi/Ru] Opera Developer 20.0.1376.0 [Multi/Ru]

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