RealVNC Enterprise Edition 5.1.0 (r115125) [En]
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RealVNC Enterprise Edition 5.1.0 (r115125) [En]

Версия программы: Enterprise Edition 5.1.0 (r115125)
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский

Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: кейген

Системные требования:

Windows (x86 x64) 8.x, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Server 2012, Server 2008 R2, Server 2008, Server 2003, NT 4 (SP6a)

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) — система удалённого доступа к рабочему столу компьютера, использующая протокол RFB (англ. Remote FrameBuffer, удалённый кадровый буфер). Управление осуществляется путём передачи нажатий клавиш на клавиатуре и движений мыши с одного компьютера на другой и ретрансляции содержимого экрана через компьютерную сеть.

Система RealVNC платформонезависима: RealVNC-клиент, называемый RealVNC viewer, запущенный на одной операционной системе, может подключаться к RealVNC-серверу, работающему на любой другой ОС. Существуют реализации клиентской и серверной части практически для всех операционных систем, в том числе и для Java (включая мобильную платформу J2ME). К одному RealVNC-серверу одновременно могут подключаться множественные клиенты. Наиболее популярные способы использования RealVNC — удалённая техническая поддержка и доступ к рабочему компьютеру из дома. RealVNC-клиент так же может работать и с другими VNC-серверами.

NEW: VNC Server can check whether critical software patches, and product updates to which you are entitled, are available to download from the RealVNC web site.
NEW: VNC Server publishes a more-memorable catchphrase than the unique signature on which it is based, detering man-in-the-middle attacks by making identity checks more intuitive for connecting users.
NEW: VNC applications can be configured remotely, and locked down to prevent change, using policy. Policy template files are available to download for distribution to target computers using a suitable mechanism, for example Group Policy under Windows. (Enterprise only)
NEW: Message boxes displayed when connections are unexpectedly terminated can now be suppressed using the HideCloseAlert VNC Viewer parameter, making scripting easier.
The VNC Server Options dialog has been made easier to use, and highlights features locked down by policy. For both VNC Server and VNC Viewer, it also simplifies the process of creating debug log files to send to RealVNC Technical Support.
The new Permissions VNC Server parameter replaces NtLogon_Config (Windows) and AllowedUsers/AllowedGroups (other platforms). Existing users, groups, and permissions are automatically upgraded. (Enterprise and Personal only)
The Permissions parameter now grants access to features in the following sets: f (full), d (default), v (view-only). More information. (Enterprise and Personal only)
The Permissions parameter now supports explicitly denying permission to use a feature, as well as allowing and not allowing that feature. Deny cannot be overridden by individual members of a group. (Enterprise and Personal only)
VNC Server logs are now directed to file at more appropriate locations, as determined by the new LogDir parameter. More information.
The VNC Server Information Center dialog now distinguishes between successful and unsuccessful connections on the Diagnostics page, which may give warning of a port sniffing or brute-force dictionary attack.
All instances of VNC Server running on a computer can be reconfigured without downtime using the vnclicense -reload command.
Single sign-on authentication is now easier to set up and benefits from new documentation. (Enterprise only)
VNC parameters are now fully documented.
FIXED: Copying and pasting text from connected computers is now more reliable. See also the ServerClipboardGraceTime VNC Viewer parameter.

NEW: Separate MSI installers for VNC Server and VNC Viewer are available for download for deployment to target computers in a Group Policy Object. VNC Server can also be licensed at install-time using a Group Policy transform.
FIXED: Key combinations such as Alt+Tab are now supported for connections to Windows 8 computers. Note VNC Server must be installed to a secure location such as C:\Program Files.
FIXED: Second and subsequent monitors plugged-in to discrete graphics cards on Windows 8 computers are now remoted to connected users.

RealVNC Enterprise Edition 5.1.0 (r115125) [En] RealVNC Enterprise Edition 5.1.0 (r115125) [En] RealVNC Enterprise Edition 5.1.0 (r115125) [En]

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