The Bat! Voyager Final [Multi/Ru]
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The Bat! Voyager Final [Multi/Ru]

Версия программы:
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, и другие
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: патч-кейген

Системные требования:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 (32-bit & 64-bit)

The Bat! Voyager - это мобильный почтовый клиент, который работает с любым портативным носителем информации: "флэшки", конверторы из USB в IDE, и так далее. The Bat! Voyager создан для того, чтобы получать и отправлять письма с любого компьютера. Программа сохранит Ваши личные шаблоны писем, защитит почту от вирусов, червей и других вредоносных программ. The Bat! Voyager шифрует вашу базу писем паролем, то есть делает ваши личные данные действительно личными. Версия программы The Bat! на портативном носителе - идеальное решение для пользователей, работающих удаленно или путешествующих, помогает оставаться на связи, будучи вне офиса. Если портативный носитель утерян, или похищен - неразглашение ваших данных гарантировано. Потеряв "флэшку", вы теряете лишь недорогой носитель информации, ведь вся переписка хранится в файлах резервных копий, которые вы делаете на стационарных компьютерах. Восстановление данных из резервной копии на "флэшку" занимает всего несколько минут.

Основные возможности The Bat! Voyager:
Писать и отправлять письма с любого компьютера
Производить поиск по базе писем в любое время
Держать списки адресатов всегда под рукой
Иметь доступ к архиву почты в любое время
Сохранять ваши шаблоны;
Защищать почтовую базу и адресные книги шифрованием;
Обезопасить вашу почту от вирусов и других вредоносных программ и многое друго

Address Book entries with no email addresses are now excluded from address auto-completion
"Workspace > Status Bar" check box wasn't functional (Voyager)
Option to compact folders on exit from now always depends on the total size of deleted messages
Message search function does not perform server-side IMAP search anymore
IMAP Folders could be presented as linear structure at first load even when there were some branches
Mouse wheel wasn't functional in system HTML viewer when it wasn't focused
IMAP Folder Properties: Dropdown lists partly cover long string element
Download Rule: "Email" allows only "Begin"
fixed selecting existing MAPI profile for MS Exchange connectivity
Opening EML feles starting with period called infinite loop
Image download rules were not stored in Unicode
Macro %fromaddr in HTML template not recognized as e-mail address
HTML mails: insertion problems with templates containing macro %fromaddr and non- standard characters
Link is not automatically created
In some filter action setup dialogues, radio buttons could be not reflecting the settings
removed UTF8 default while edit email
Added automated download rules for images based on email sender
Added automated download rules for images based on folder
Added custom URL types skype:// for MicroEd editor and carmen:// snews:// nntps:// callme: wais://
iecm:// afs:// msgid: pops: sips: nntp: mid: pop: jid: url: sip: icq: rss: for HTML editor
Menu items "Tools", "View" and "Workspace" were restructured.
Call to Mail Dispatcher on start-up wasn't made for password-locked accounts
Grouping messages by dates could be wrong due to (not) using UTC offset
Less "flicker" when starting the application up, switching languages and modifying menus/toolbars
Some S/MIME signed messages don't display fixed
Position of Memo and Address Auto-view windows were not stored correctly e-mail settings were added.
(#0000416) Forward-mark was set before message was sent or stored in Outbox
(#0000381) "Forwarded/Redirected" flag was assigned to source message if "Edit as new" was used
(#0000355) It wasn't possible to close "Spell checking" dialog with Esc key
It is now possible to set STARTTLS use while creating a new account
POPTLS/IMAPTLS/SMTPTLS parameter in SERVERSINFO.INI can be set to STARTTLS as well as to YES or NO,, and email settings were added with STARTTLS.
added The Bat! bitness into snapshots and exception logger
It wasn't possible to reply or forward HTML message which contains image with HREF (error "Can't get or
set this kind of information for this item")
added local MAPI info into snapshots and exception logger
(#0000418) Colour group was temporarily lost after deleting message attachment
(#0000417) Resend of separately opened .eml/.msg files did not work
Gender in an address book entry could not be changed from female to none or other
Tabulation does not work in Windows-Editor
Internal RSS exceptions must not be reported in thebat_Exceptions.log
AV when closing "Page Setup" dialog in "Print Preview"
AV when trying to print from "Print Preview" dialog
Automatic completion of address fields changed to offering a drop-down list of possible addressees
(i.e. no forced change of entered text)
SMTP client could send 'localhost' in EHLO instead of an IP address
Folder Tree Tabs were not switching pre-defined tab names on-the-fly when on language change
Various positions of the message list in the separate message viewer
Faulty backup archives could be created since v6.2.7
Possible AV when re-filtering messages
International characters wasn't properly handled in MAILTO command line parameter
was thrown Range check error while moving from multitab email to another account
ASLR didn't work in previous versions
"Normal" folders was created instead of Aggregate when importing RSS subscriptions
RSS folder databasa could get corrupted in some cases
(#0000373) Improper behaviour when dragging an attachment stored on IMAP server
Incorrect characters in folder tree after importing from Outlook Express
Reworked handling of IMAP filters internally to save valuable CPU cycles
RSS task can be prematurely destroyed
PGP Keys from messages signeg using PGP clear text method can be taken without signature verification
Possible AV error when switching to a non-RSS folders while entire RSS item text is being loaded
Better support of touch screen devices
The "List index out of bounds" error when the plain text viewer was used
Minor overhaul in the PGP key view dialog
(#0000008) Postponed messages could be sent many times after re-editing

Процедура лечения + отчёт VirusTotal:
1. Устанавливаем / обновляем программу.
2. Запускаем voyager6.x-patch.exe

Патчим voyager.exe (кнопка PATCH убирает привязку к volume id, кнопка CRACK разбанивает кейген FFF)
3. Запускаем voyager.exe
4. Когда в итоге программа попросит регистрации - генерируем (запускать из патча кнопкой START) номерок на любое имя (имя только на латинице) и регистрируем на него программу.

The Bat! Voyager Final [Multi/Ru] The Bat! Voyager Final [Multi/Ru] The Bat! Voyager Final [Multi/Ru]

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