Advanced Installer 10.5.1 Build 52782 RePack by loginvovchyk (2013) Русский
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Advanced Installer 10.5.1 Build 52782 RePack by loginvovchyk (2013) Русский

Версия программы: 10.5.1
Язык интерфейса: Русский
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: патч

Системные требования:
• Windows® 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 2003/2008 Server(x32/x64)
• Core 2 class CPU / 1 GB RAM / 1600x1200 монитор / 2 GB свободного дискового пространства

Advanced Installer - это мощное и простое в использовании средство для создания программ установок в формате MSI / EXE за считанные минуты. Решение Advanced Installer основывается на использовании стандартных открытых форматов. Файлы проектов сохраняются в формате XML, что упрощает их интеграцию с системами управления исходными текстами. Advanced Installer - профессиональный инструмент для создания MSI-установщиков приложений под операционные системы Windows.
Программа крайне проста в использовании (для своего уровня), все взаимодействие с ней осуществляется через удобный интерфейс, так что вам не придется изучать большое количество документации и писать сложных скриптов - каждое действие логично и интуитивно выполняется через систему внутренних команд. Созданные проекты сохраняются в формате XML для дальнейшего использования. Если к примеру взять в сравнение Wise, InstallShield и другими программами для создания MSI-пакетов, Advanced Installer имеет гораздо более понятный интерфейс, с помощью которого Вы создадите свой пакет установки за считанные минуты.

Изменения в версии 10.5.1:
· Visual Studio extension crashes in VS 2010
· Conversion of prerequisites launch conditions was not complete
· UAC level was not set correctly in multiligual packages
· Conversion of Windows launch conditions failed if changes were found in LaunchCondition table, from Table Editor page
· ApplicationPool installation crashes in IIS 5/6 systems
· Could not properly load Custom Actions in MSM projects with XmlElements

New features in this release:
· Windows 8.1 support
· Visual Studio 2013 setup project extension
· MST Editor
· Adaptive image stretching for MSIs in High-DPI environments
· Global build events
· Fast-scan engine for Repackager
Enhancements to existing features:
· Internet Explorer 11.0 predefined prerequisite
· Launch condition for Internet Explorer 11
· Launch condition for Windows 8.1
· Improved dialog editor user experience in HiDPI environments
· Added 64-bit Component flag to ImportRegFile command
· Repackager performs a pre-flight check if VMCI is enabled in VM
· Changed updater downloads folder to per-machine location
· Set access to everyone on the files downloaded by updater in per machine applications
· Improved prerequisite install condition registry search
· Added property to resolve the localized name of Anonymous user
· Use the original table schema when writing MSI in quick-edit mode
· Added support for MSI editing with 0 size files being hashed
· Enhanced "Disable Features" custom action so it can get its input either from a custom action data or from a predefined property
· Corrections to updater dictionary
Bug fixes:
· Fixed transparency issue for left pane icons in Visual Studio extension, Files and Folders View
· Visual Studio extension crashed when adding a solution folder
· Visual Studio extension crashed during a solution build
· Visual Studio extension crashed if an Advanced Installer project was the first to be added to a new solution
· Fixed setting product version from Visual Studio extension
· Visual Studio Setup project import failed to import files with source specific as other project output
· Product Version changes don't persist in a project added to a Visual Studio 2012 solution
· EXE with resources inside package type was limited to 2GB size (instead of the system allowed 4GB)
· Failed to save MSI with files outside when having two folders with the same name and parent folder
· The project was not rebuilt when switching from "MSI with resources next to it" to "Single MSI" package types
· Feature based prerequisites didn't get installed with "resources outside" build types and basic/silent main installation
· Condition Editor was broken
· Scheduled tasks were not created
· Post-build events failed to redirect the output to a text file
· Repackager was not working on XP SP2 VM
· Fixed error when navigating to table editor
· Search windows features did not work
· The OS targeted for windows features were reset after rename
· MSI Editor crashed when trying to load MSI with invalid identifier custom actions
· Fixed editing the condition of a published event bug
· COM+ table was created with ExpType column as key
· Edit Shortcut Dialog failed to create shortcut if filename was pseudoformated and contained ".exe"
· The Cancel button from the Edit File Dialog -> Operations tab did not behave correctly
· File Edit Dialog > Operations tab problem on projects created with Advanced Installer 9.9 on Windows XP
· Advanced Installer crashed when file is in use dialog was displayed
· Hash files option did not work using MSI Quick-Edit mode
· Hash files option was not working with Mixed Package type
· Old data setters were overwritten by our new way of setting data setters for UI custom actions
· Launch File custom action failed if Hide program's window option was enabled
· The "Check TCP port" custom action didn't perform any validation for AI_BIND_TCP_PORT property value
· Copy/Paste did not work in File Associations view when using the editor
· The files associations groups were enabled on MSM
· Feature combo was empty in files associations view
· The ODBC translators attributes group was empty
· Read-only flag was not working for edit box control on Surface theme
· Quick Selection Tree control did not display features correctly on Surface theme
· Fixed Surface theme issues
· Fixed Selection Tree issue - open feature context menu using keyboard
· License server display name and description were wrong
· Did not allow item operations while editing a tree item
· Scrollable Text control set attached property to RTF file content
· Tooltip was missing in Users and Groups toolbar item
· XML backup was created when the "Create backup before updating" option was disabled
· Software identification tag XML file was not deleted when uninstalling Advanced Installer
· Advanced Installer crashed when selecting Properties tab of a Prerequisite after setting some invalid characters as return value property
· Install conditions were not visible when copying a prerequisite to Post-install
· Crash when pressing Delete in the Prerequisites -> Install Condition view
· Prerequisites launcher did not work when used with GPO deployment
· Updated Adobe Reader X (and lower versions) predefined prerequisite install conditions
· Incorrect product code was used to identify PIA 2010 prerequisite

Особенности RePack:
Программа русифицирована

Установить программу.

Скопировать патч в папку с установленной программой.

Запустить патч от имени администратора и найти файл advinst.exe в папке bin, согласно разрядности вашей системы.

Advanced Installer 10.5.1 Build 52782 RePack by loginvovchyk (2013) Русский Advanced Installer 10.5.1 Build 52782 RePack by loginvovchyk (2013) Русский Advanced Installer 10.5.1 Build 52782 RePack by loginvovchyk (2013) Русский Advanced Installer 10.5.1 Build 52782 RePack by loginvovchyk (2013) Русский

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