TVideoGrabber 8.5
TVideoGrabber 8.5

Год выпуска: 2011
Версия: 8.5 (build
Разработчик: Datastead software
Платформа: Win All (x86/x64)
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Системные требования: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / MCE / 2003 server / 2000 / ME / 98
DirectX runtime 9.0c or higher
Delphi (all versions from Delphi 2010 to Delphi 4)
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется

Описание: TVideoGrabber это разносторонний компонент для видео изображения и медиа проигрывателя совместимый с Delphi and C++Builder (как VCL компонент) или с Visual Basic and Visual C++( ActiveX OCX компонент).
TVideoGrabber хранит аналоговую и цифровую информацию с видео источников таких как: Firewire (IEEE1394) камера, DV камер, USB вэб камер, IP камер, TV карт и USB. Может проигрывать видео клипы экранной съёмки, просмотр видео и прослушивание аудио прямо из Интернета. Основные возможности включают в себя запись AVI, WMV, WAV, MP3 and MPEG2, аудио и видео сжатие во время или после записи, направление потока в Windows Media Server, перекодирование видео клипов, мощный медиа проигрыватель, аудио VU-meters, экспорт в DV, DV дата и время, контроль DV камеры, обнаружение движения, покрытие графиков и текстов, настройка ТВ, построение видео изображения из нескольких картинок, видео карты с несколькими видео входами, видео обращение, яркость, цвет, двойной экран и многое другое.

Возможности (на англ.)
Video capture device
TVideoGrabber supports most of the video capture devices, including:
- HD webcams, e.g. the Logitech C910 in Full HD 1080p, the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema, the Hercules DualPix HD720p, ...
- HD camcorders through firewire or USB, e.g. the Canon HV30, ...
- all standard USB webcams and DV camcorders through firewire,
- USB analog Composite/SVideo capture devices, e.g. the EasyCap, the Hauppauge USB-Live-2 (cheap but excellent), ...
- PCI analog Composite/SVideo and digical capture cards,
- Blackmagic Decklink (Intensity, Extreme, ...)
- IP cameras in MPEG or JPEG mode,
- capture devices including hardware encoders, e.g. the Hauppauge PVR, the Sensoray 2250S, the Dazzle Creator...
Video recording
- recording in AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, MP4, WebM(VP8), MP3, WMA (*)
- recording with pre-roll,
- timer-based recording (delayed start, timed stop, new file created periodically)
- compression of the audio and video streams, "on-the-fly" or after recording, using audio/video codecs...
- pause/resume during recording, with possibility to create a new clip for each pause/resume,
- video preview while recording.
(*) MPEG, FLV and MP4 recording require third-party codecs. TVideoGrabber does not include any encoding license. Some encoding formats are subject to the MPEG-LA licensing, read our License Agreement before purchasing.
Audio recording
- to WAV or MP3 files
Media player
- play video clips or audio clips,
- play static images,
- DVD playback,
- playlist,
- trackbar control,
- playback at any speed, forward or backward,
- fast seeking, forward or backward,
- synchronization of several TVideoGrabber player components,
- plays streaming sources
- supports AVISynth scripts - perform image processings and overlays on video clips or static images
Merge/Split video/Audio clips
- join several video clips and/or audio clips into a single one, in full or by specifying respective start times and end times
- split video clips and/or audio clips (extract audio/video, video only or audio only)
Frame Capture
- to TBitmap, BMP and JPEG files, one by one or automatically,
- during preview, recording or playback,
Graphic overlays
- image overlays from BMP files, JPEG files or bitmap handles,
- fast JPEG support,
- transparency,
- chroma key,
- alpha blending,
- multiple graphic overlays on the same video frame
Text overlays
- text scrolling,
- text shadow,
- text transparency,
- custom fonts,
- multiple text overlays on the same video frame
Video processings
- deinterlacing,
- video transparency,
- chroma key,
- video rotation 90° 180° 270°,
- top-down and left-right,
- half size and full size deinterlacing,
- brightness, contrast, saturation, hue,
- inverted colors,
- greyscale.
Live network streaming
- video streaming or audio broadcasting,
- directly to the internet, from the platform running TVideoGrabber,
- indirectly through a publishing point on a Windows Media Server,authentication supported
Full dv support
- DV timecode
- DV date/time
- Send to DV ("print to DV"), lets you send the audio/video to a DV device like a DV camcorder,
Multiplexed inputs support
- supports video cards with several inputs,
- accept 4 switched inputs and 16 switched inputs in 2x2 or 4x4 mosaïc video or in master/slave modes,
Ip cameras / Ip video servers
- support for most ip cameras in mjpeg, jpg and asf mode
- support axis cameras in mpeg4 mode
- supports username/password authentication on ip cameras with secured login
- ptz control
Motion detection
- the video frame area is divided in cells, within motion is detected,
- the sensitivity of each cell can be easily adjusted through a simple dialog,.
Preview and recording of video and audio clips
- video files or a video streaming urls (authentication supported)
Screen recording
- with or without cursor
- full screen recording (or one monitor when using several monitors),
- recording of the extended desktop across several monitors,
- recording of a given window identified by its name or handle
Cropping and zooming
- recording of only a cropped area of the video source
- zooming within areas the video source
Video clip built from bitmaps or image files (bmp, jpeg, gif, png, etc...)
- at any frame rate
Reencoding of video and audio clips
- by using the audio and/or video compressors,
- by applying graphics and/or text overlays,
- by extracting sequences from a start and stop time.
Audio vu-meters
- "needle analog" style or "digital bargraph" style
Dual display
- on 2 different monitors (e.g. a small video window on a monitor and a full screen video on the 2nd)
Analog tv tuning
- tv channels scanning,
- tv frequency overrides.
Video capture device control
- video size,
- frame rate,
- video input,
- analog video standard (ntsc/pal/secam),
- focus,
- zoom,
- frame count of delivered and dropped frames.
Unicode strings
- unicode strings supported with the visual studio .net versions (ocx and dll), delphi/C++Builder 2009 and above

TVideoGrabber 8.5 TVideoGrabber 8.5 TVideoGrabber 8.5

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