Ashampoo Registry Cleaner v1.00 (2011) Русский присутствует
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Ashampoo Registry Cleaner v1.00 (2011) Русский присутствует

Год/Дата Выпуска: 2011
Версия: 1.00
Разработчик: Ashampoo
Сайт разработчика:

Разрядность: 32bit+64bit
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Совместимость с Windows 7: полная
Язык интерфейса: Мультиязычный (русский присутствует)
Таблэтка: Присутствует

Системные требования: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

Ashampoo Registry Cleaner поможет привести в порядок Ваш Windows, безопасно удаляя резервные или поврежденные записи, исправляя нерабочие ссылки в реестре и производя резервное копирование в режиме реального времени для быстрого восстановления реестра Windows. Реестр Windows является центром управления операционной системой, в нем хранятся все настройки системы, аппаратного и программного обеспечения. Если не производить регулярные проверку и чистку реестра, могут возникать сбои и ошибки. С течением времени ошибки могут накапливаться, что в итоге замедляет работу компьютера и приводит к более серьезным сбоям. После очистки реестра заметно повышается производительность, поскольку системе требуется меньше вычислений для работы с реестром.

Доп. информация
Ashampoo Registry Cleaner is a small, excellent and highly effective cleaning tool for your registry. Ashampoo Registry Cleaner, with its easy and intuitive handling, works quickly and effectively and ensures a clean registry on the basis of optimized search algorithms. The program with easy-to-use user interface is especially suited for newcomers. Prior knowledge of the Windows® registry is not required. The windows® registry, the control center of your system, saves all system settings and the settings of your hardware and software. If your registry is not regularly checked and cleaned, many problems can arise. Therefore your windows® registry, just like your hard disc drive, should be maintained regularly. The default settings are safe and the program will only find those entries that can be deleted without risk. These settings provide an optimal cleaning performance at maximum safety for your operating system. Registry entries which might invade your privacy can be identified and deleted with the Ashampoo Registry Cleaner.

With the Ashampoo Registry Cleaner you will easily and safely delete redundant or damaged registry entries. Faulty links in the registry are also repaired. The real-time backup in the Ashampoo Registry Cleaner offers a maximum of safety and enables the restoring of the windows® registry into its original status anytime. You’ll be amazed how the Ashampoo Registry Cleaner will quickly and easily improve the performance of your PC!

Functions and features of the program:
• Simple, intuitive user interface
• Optimized search algorithms
• Fully-automatic removal of redundant entries
• Repair of faulty links and damaged entries
• Search for registry entries that might invade the user’s privacy
• Real-time backup

Some of the most frequent errors that occur on your PC might be based on a faulty registry. Some of these errors become more and more evident with a longer lifetime of your computer, because the longer the operating time of your PC, the larger the number of outdated, redundant or damaged entries that will slow down your PC. When the registry is cleaned, your operating system will become faster, because of less computing power that is needed when accessing the registry. The Ashampoo Registry Cleaner scans this database and identifies faulty or broken links, in order to delete or repair those fully automatic. Optimal search algorithms based on more than a decade of experience lead to perfect search results. These also provide safe and extensive cleaning of the Windows® Registry which is guaranteed by the connection to the real-time backup.

Ashampoo Registry Cleaner v1.00 (2011) Русский присутствует Ashampoo Registry Cleaner v1.00 (2011) Русский присутствует Ashampoo Registry Cleaner v1.00 (2011) Русский присутствует

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